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  • Noel Ruppenthal


I am a part of the Cosmoquest / Weekly Space Hangout community. Cosmoquest is a citizen science project led by Dr. Pamela Gay, who is a veteran science communicator and podcaster. In the last couple years, she and her team have branched out into the world of and are in the process of updating the CosmoquestX channel. I volunteered to help put together an intro and other simple animations, and came up with the following designs.

The spacecraft below are the photographers for all the mapping projects Cosmoquest has had. Cosmoquest's citizen science is to mark craters and or boulders on several worlds of our Solar System, including the Moon by the LRO, Mercury by Messenger, asteroid Vesta by Dawn, Mars by MRO, and most recently the asteroid Bennu by Osiris Rex.

All five drawings together represent about 3 hours of drawing and cleanup in Toon Boom Harmony


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